The easiest way to get to Villa Teresa is to arrive in Limena by ferry from Keramoti port which is located only 10 minutes drive away from Kavala airport (Megas Alexandros) and 190 km away fromThessaloniki by motorway. The ferry takes about 40 minutes to arrive in Thassos. The suites are located about 700 m away from the port which means you could also arrive without transport and enjoy a lovely walk by the sea. The town centre is a pleasant 10 minute stroll away.







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The rates for suits within Villa Teresa are depending of the season period, type of the suit as well as number of persons. We offer rates from 60 - 200 EUR per night. For more details and reservation please contct us.The four ground floor standard suites and the eight luxury suites that are 40m2 each, offer to our visitors an amazing sea view, as they are located just 25 m away from the beach.